Coming in spring of 2017

NEW FROM Questyle >> the CMA400i  All-In-One Headphone Amp DAC (previewed at CES 2017)

Questyle CMA 400i Affordable Headphone Amp with DAC

Questyle’s answer to  affordability in their “All-In-One” headphone amp / DAC  with current-mode and true DSD playback technologies
— offers excellent value for Questyle’s traditionally high standards of build quality —

– current-mode topology is very fast and allows feedback signals within the circuits to control with very little delay, which significantly reduces transient intermodulation distortion.
– AKM4490 DAC (same DAC as the CMA600i)
– True DSD 64, 128, and 256, and PCM to 352.8/384
– USB, optical, and two coax digital inputs
– Headphone outputs are 4-pin XLR, standard 1/4″ unbalanced, and 2.5mm balanced connections
– Balanced and unbalanced volume-controlled analog outputs, and a coax S/PDIF digital output
– Fully-balanced design with discrete channels for Left+, Left-, Right+, and Right- signals
– Four gain switches to set channels in low or standard gains located on bottom
– low gain setting specifically designed for compatibility with ultra high-sensitivity earphones and CIEMS

We expect a price in the $700-$800 (US) range and hope to have them late spring.