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RSX™ Cables Do Better “Nothing” Than Any Others!

What you need cables to be is “neutral”—to neither add nor subtract anything from the signal they carry, and to not change it in any way in the process. The perfect cable would do nothing other than just carry signal from Point ”A” to Point “B”.

RSX Phono Cables

BEYOND™ Phono Cable with DIN Connector

Phono cartridges can have outputs as little as just a fraction of a millivolt, and yet must be able to convey all of what’s in the vinyl groove to the listener without loss, distortion, the addition of spurious signal artifacts or noise from environmental RFI/ EMI.

Cartridge performance is also strongly influenced by loading factors, both as provided as options by the phono preamp and as capacitive and inductive reactance inherent to the design of the phono cable making the connection. That’s why having a phono cable that will carry signal as nearly unchanged as possible is an absolute essential for your maximum listening enjoyment, and that’s why RSX offers phono cables at three different performance levels and price points.

All RSX Phono Cables have the following features:
• Exclusive Balanced Field™ technology
• 100% long crystal, ultra pure Laboratory Grade copper
• Multiple multi-wire conductor arrays
• Teflon®-variant -plus- air dialectrics
• Fully shielded and double grounded
• Terminated with the very latest in ultra-low contact mass connectors first developed by Roger Skoff decades before any other cable manufacturer


RSX Offers Three Phono Cables: PRIME™, MAX™ and BEYOND™
As compared to other phono cables these are rated “Better“, “Much Better”, and “Best”, in that order. All are constructed using advanced materials and technology and all are recommended to make a clearly audible improvement to the sound of your system. RSX Phono cables are available as 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 m lengths. The come standard with RCA connectors. DIN connectors are available at an additional cost. Other lengths are also available at extra cost. Contact us for details.


The RSX Phono Cable Lines:

BEYOND™ Phono Cable with DIN Connector
RSX PRIME™ phono cables open the doorway to better LP sound for any system. They sound better than any other phono cable at or near their price point and deliver outstanding performance with phono cartridges of any kind or output level. They work equally well with either tube or solid-state electronics, and are your perfect way to enjoy RSX performance at a modest price.



RSX MAX™ phono cables are a step up from RSX Prime™, for even greater low-level detail, clarity, and freedom from coloration. Move up to RSX MAX™ for imaging, soundstaging, and ambience-retrieval unrivaled by any phono cable other than RSX’s own. To Improve on RSX Prime™, RSX MAX™ adds even better Teflon™-variant fluoropolymer-plus- air dielectric materials and more.

RSX MAX™ phono cables are fully “Faraday Cage” shielded, double-grounded, and fitted with special Roger Skoff-designed ultra-low contact mass connectors and matching custom machined trim hardware.

RSX MAX™ phono cables are an easy upgrade to any LP playback system. Buy them to, still affordably, approach the very best sound and listening enjoyment your system can deliver.



RSX™ BEYOND™ phono cables are the very best that designer, Roger Skoff, knows how to make. Given the limits of theory and present-day materials technology, they may very well be the very best phono cables possible, and, without significant new discovery, may remain the standard by which all others are judged for years to come.

Combining all of the features of RSX PRIME™ and RSX MAX™, RSX BEYOND™ phono cables add Roger Skoff-designed connectors with even less contact mass (to minimize self-inductance) and use even higher grade Teflon®-variant fluoropolymer- plus- air dielectric materials. To these are added improved fluoropolymer outer and “leg” jacketing (to reduce capacitive discharge effects),

Full Faraday Cage shielding with two-point grounding, custom billet-machined trim parts, and two proprietary final treatments to extract and ensure the very last level of performance.




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    RSX™ AC Power Cords

    AC power cords are much more complex than they seem: Even the simplest power cord — just a pair of insulated wires with plugs on them — still operates on the same physical principles and is subject to all of the same operating concerns as any other cable in your system. That means that it has resistance, capacitance, and inductance; is subject to capacitive discharge effects; and, unless it’s shielded (NOT just grounded) it can be affected by RFI and EMI noise, both field- and line-coupled, to audibly degrade the sound of your system.

    Clean, Fast Power Makes Your System Sound Better
    To provide the clean power every component in your system needs to sound its best, your power cables need to be designed and built with fully as much concern for materials and technology as goes into your phono cables, interconnects and speaker cables. That’s what RSX does, and you can easily hear the difference.

    All RSX AC Power Cords Feature:
    • Exclusive Demand Coupled™ design
    • 100% long crystal, ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper
    • At least three times as much copper conductor material as conventional “heavy duty” power cords
    • Multiple interleaved multi-wire conductor arrays
    • Teflon®-variant+air fluoropolymer dielectrics
    • Bi-metallic “Faraday Cage” shielded construction
    • Specially designed high current AC connectors
    • RSX Offers Three AC Power Cord Models: PRIME™, MAX™ and BEYOND™

    As compared to other cords these are rated “Better“, “Much Better”, and “Best”, in that order. All are constructed using advanced materials and technology and all are recommended to make a clearly audible improvement to the sound of your system. RSX AC power cords are available as standard in 4, 6, 9, and 12 foot lengths with NEMA (US) connectors. Schuko connectors are also available in the same lengths. Custom lengths or connectors are available on request.



    RSX PRIME™ AC Power Cords are made of multiple individual connectors of ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper. These are directly insulated with a premium Teflon™-variant fluoropolymer, bound together into RSX’s exclusive Demand Coupled™ design with Kevlar® fibers, and then “Faraday Cage” shielded with a bi-metallic braid over LDPE polyethylene.

    RSX high quality geometry, shielding and insulation help improve your system’s sound by reducing noise and capacitance/inductance-related problems. RSX PRIME’s 12+ AWG (per conductor “leg”) construction also reduces resistive losses by using 3.3 times as much copper as an ordinary 18AWG “heavy-duty” power cord; even so, they remain highly flexible. All of these thing make your system sound better and make RSX PRIME™ the AC power cord you ought to buy.



    RSX’s MAX™ AC Power Cords are the next step up from RSX PRIME™. With multiple ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ individual conductors totaling 10+ AWG per conductor “leg”, RSX MAX has nearly five times the metal of an ordinary “heavy duty” power cord to lower resistance and deliver more and cleaner power faster while still remaining supple and flexible. To address other issues, including capacitance, inductance, and capacitive discharge effects, Teflon™-variant insulating materials (dielectrics) are used at every internal point of the cables’ exclusive Demand Coupled™ design, including under its full Faraday Cage bi-metallic shielding.

    The effect of all this is better, faster, cleaner power delivery and a clear and obvious improvement to the sound of your system. Buy RSX MAX™ AC Power Cords to hear how good your better-quality system really is.



    RSX BEYOND AC Power Cords are also Roger Skoff’s very best ever. Given the limits of theory and present-day materials technology, they, too, may well be the very best cables of their kind possible and without significantly improved materials or increases in our knowledge of how things work, they may remain the standard by which all AC Power Cords are judged for years to come.

    Combining all of the features of RSX PRIME™ and RSX MAX™, RSX BEYOND™ AC Power Cords add even more ultra-pure Laboratory Grade™ copper, to enlarge their conductors to a 9+ AWG “spec”, while still keeping full flexibility. This plus specially-designed connectors for BEYOND™ only lowers overall resistance to the point of insignificance, while adjustment of RSX BEYOND’s™ exclusive Demand Coupled™ design and the use of Teflon™-variant fluoropolymers for even its outer jacketing work to further minimize capacitance and inductance – related issues and make RSX BEYOND™ “The New Best in the World”.


  • » BENCHMARK™ Series Cables

    BENCHMARK™ Series Cables

    The BENCHMARK Series is RSX’s highest value line. While still retaining the hand termination of all other RSX products, the cable portion of every BENCHMARK cable Is specifically designed by Roger Skoff to be custom machine manufactured. This saves hours of hand labor per cable as compared to RSX’s other lines and RSX uses the savings to buy better materials and technologies to provide truly remarkable performance at its very modest price point. The “ER” in all BENCHMARK product names stands for Enhanced Resolution and that’s what it delivers.


    These new BENCHMARK™ Speaker Cables are intended to outperform any others at anywhere near their price.

    Designed specifically for RSX by Roger Skoff, the founder of XLO, RSX BENCHMARK™ ER-61 Speaker Cables feature premium 11+AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid-core copper conductors (possibly the heftiest in their class, but still easily flexible), arrayed in a Litz-variant geometry, and are constructed with three different low-kappa-factor (low dielectric constant, high “dump rate”) dielectrics for better sound.

    To maximize contact area and minimize contact resistance, all BENCHMARK Speaker Cables are supplied with gold plated, non-magnetic, BFA (“Z-style) banana plugs specifically selected for quality of contact, durability, and good sound.




    ER-11 Line level interconnects feature proprietary design, premium copper conductors, multiple low kappa-factor dielectrics, and bi-metallic shielding. Choose either ultra-low mass gold-plated RCA connectors or gold-plated RSX XLRs at extra cost.




    BENCHMARK Phono Cables feature high-purity oxygen-free copper conductors with multiple low-Kappa factor, high “dump rate” dielectrics, and provide full coverage bi-metallic shielding to protect the signal from even the lowest-output phono cartridges. They are available either with gold-plated ultra-low-mass RCA connectors for tight contact and the lowest possible self-inductance, or with a combination off those same RCA connectors and a best quality gold-plated, Teflon dielectric, straight DIN connector.

    Expect these affordable genuine RSX cables to outperform any other brand at up to three or more times their price. RSX has done it again!



    ER-41 Digital Interconnects are a significant variant on the BENCHMARK format recognizes the issues of megahertz digital transmission and characteristic impedance matching to provide truly outstanding digital performance. Available ultra-low mass gold-plated RCA connectors only.



    The BENCHMARK ER-20 truly is a benchmark product. Laboratory-grade™ copper, low dielectric constant, high dump-rate primary insulation, Balanced-Field™ geometry, 100% coverage shielding, special outer jacketing, and highest quality gold-over-pure-copper connectors are all used in BENCHMARK ER-20 Power Cords to give clearly audible performance far beyond its modest price point. BENCHMARK ER-20 IS THE new standard for affordably priced AC Power Cords.



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