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Avantgarde Acoustic UNO SD
Tom Lyle’s Superior Audio Equipment review of the Avantgarde Acoustic UNO SD is now online at

Avantgarde Trio G3 receives TAS 2023 Golden Ear Award

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2023
TAS Golden Ear Award - Trio G3
TAS Golden Ear Award - Trio G3 In The Absolute Sound’s issue 341, The Trio G3 Loudspeaker system by Avantgarde Acoustic receives their 2023 Golden Ear Award. The award is in $109,000 to $175,000 range and was reviewed with one pair Space Horns.
Their ability to ramp up effortlessly to a full orchestral crescendo offers a more realistic reproduction of the concert hall than most other loudspeakers can even contemplate, let alone execute.
» Read the excerpt from The Absolute Sound issue 341.  

New Line – Yukiseimitsu (YUKI) Audio

Yukiseimitsu Audio

American Sound Distribution Announces their new Distribution Line

Yukiseimitsu Audio Turntables from Japan

Tokyo International Audio Show 2022

Tokyo International Audio Show
AIR TIGHT will be exhibiting at this year’s TOKYO Internation Audio Show.

MC Step-up : AirTight ATH-3s
Phonostage : AirTight : ATE-3011
Preamplifier : AirTight ATC-7
Power Amplifier : AirTight ATM-3211, ATM-2211, ATM-300R

New UNO FINO Model from Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Acoustic at Toronto Audio Fest 2019 from American Sound Distribution

News from Avantgarde Germany

August 17, 2018

Uno Fino

The statement was the following:
– Some customers were looking for a smaller and cheaper model of the Uno to install in a small/medium listening room.
– The Zero TA was then recommended but some customers wanted to focus on a more « traditional » look
and chose their horn color and enclosure finishing.

So Avantgarde did it!

This model is strongly inspired from the Uno XD in a more compact enclosure and at a more affordable price.
1: We reduced the height of the enclosure using only 1 x 10’’ Bass driver.
2: We included a Bass reflex technology (oriented at the bottom of the speaker, to avoid any parasite reflection
of the back wall – especially in small room)
3: We kept the same 5’’ mid-range driver and exactly the same 500 mm mid horn
4: We equipped the speaker with a new 25 mm tweeter for a very efficient and precise performance.
5 : We kept the power amplifier technology and the same 10 Band parametric DSP + but used
only 1 power module of 500 W (like in the Zero TA)
6 : We kept the XD line genuine Core technology of the XD line : Omega Driver, CDC technology –
No Crossover on the mid-range, patented CPC, etc…

Optional wooden veneer and finishing are possible.

Reservation are opened from now. The delivery of the first batch will be happening mid of October.

NEW from Questyle Spring 2017

Coming in spring of 2017

NEW FROM Questyle >> the CMA400i  All-In-One Headphone Amp DAC (previewed at CES 2017)

Questyle CMA 400i Affordable Headphone Amp with DAC

Questyle’s answer to  affordability in their “All-In-One” headphone amp / DAC  with current-mode and true DSD playback technologies
— offers excellent value for Questyle’s traditionally high standards of build quality —

– current-mode topology is very fast and allows feedback signals within the circuits to control with very little delay, which significantly reduces transient intermodulation distortion.
– AKM4490 DAC (same DAC as the CMA600i)
– True DSD 64, 128, and 256, and PCM to 352.8/384
– USB, optical, and two coax digital inputs
– Headphone outputs are 4-pin XLR, standard 1/4″ unbalanced, and 2.5mm balanced connections
– Balanced and unbalanced volume-controlled analog outputs, and a coax S/PDIF digital output
– Fully-balanced design with discrete channels for Left+, Left-, Right+, and Right- signals
– Four gain switches to set channels in low or standard gains located on bottom
– low gain setting specifically designed for compatibility with ultra high-sensitivity earphones and CIEMS

We expect a price in the $700-$800 (US) range and hope to have them late spring.